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Journal of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers

Summer 2023 Vol 32 Issue 126

In Conversation: Repetition and Connection, p50

Vanessa Wallace talks with artist Shanti Gelmi about the themes of 

connection, identity and behaviour that run through her practice.

ART CUP Project

The Art Cup Project is a collaboration between Karvan Coffee and local artists. You can find some of my art on Coffee Cups around Perth!  Read about my artwork and inspirations here:

Art Cup Project x Shanti Gelmi


The quarterly journal of the Print Council of Australia Inc.

Summer 2021 Vol 56 No.04

Emerging Artist, p31


Exhibition Footage

VR Experience Trailer


seesaw Magazine

Print pioneers push the art form to new places

Out of the Shadows

Finding Presence in Absence

HERENOW22-Outside In, Gems in our own backyard

Busselton Art Award 2021

Shanti chats with Keith from ArtGeo Gallery, Busselton about her work 'Flay'.

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